Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] (Yasmin_discussions) Multisensory Perception

Dear Richard, Hilda, Jenny, Sergio, Ian, and all Yasminers, welcome
I'm Raewyn waving from the top of my tree here in New Zealand, summer
slightly fading.

A great start to this discussion, so many avenues already—especially
Martin's opening post on proprioception, the forgotten sense of
awareness of movement and gravity…

There's a Radiolab podcast with Ian Waterman and his doctor Jonathon
Cole who wrote Pride and a Daily Marathon

Radiolab: The Butcher's Assistant (May 05, 2006)

Roger directed attention to cross modal illusions and Katherine
Gasaway's thesis where she writes
'The ventriloquism effect and auditory driving are two examples of
perceptual phenomena arising from this sensory override.' and I
started thinking too about the extraordinary and precise
synchronization by SMPTE time code of very loud music with visuals of
saturated colour by way of LED screens (eg Chemycal Brothers) and
which, along with the bodily vibration, may initiate feelings of
being transported…
Such synchronisation was, I felt during the experience of it, a
digital simulated synaesthesia.

Hi Clarissa, as an artist I've never felt that I had synesthesia; I
started with the question of what music might smell like if I was deaf
and wanted to experience it? How would it be to experience it in a
sense that lacks a language?

Thanks Paul for pointing us to "InterMedia Patterns" your great blog
with Jack Ox.
Could you expand on the ways that multi-sensory perception affects

all the best

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