Sunday, March 28, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] Multisensory Perception

Dear Yasminers,
Dear Nina,

Thanks for inviting me to participate in the intriguing discussion on
Multisensory Perception a very complex and multilayered theme for discussion
as the sensory capabilities of our body. For this reason from the time of
the Renaissance believing that we will find the truth about reality we have
developed technologies to measure, see, hear, and smell beyond our bodies
capabilities. Orbiting satellites and aerial intelligence that have been
continuously transmitting to earth images and all kind of data.

I believe that cultivating an awareness of feeling and sensation is a
powerful evaluation of our environment. While our sense of sight dominates
in the ability to understand our environment experimenting with light,
sound, color, image and smell and making a simulated synesthesia where each
sensory element is a translation of information about the other it may
create a more integrated experience of a subjective physical experience of
color, sounds, smell and images that has the potential to transport through
pleasure, contemplation, memory, esthetic joy and inner imagination a
mutlisensory experience unique to each person according to the association
they make.

And I come to the above conclusions through some investigations in my art
work especially when I combine art and technology which include
experimentation with the above such as light, color, image and sound and
smell in order to investigate fictional translations, per formative
participation of the viewer, misinterpretations, visual imagination and
perception of reality especially in our contemporary visual culture where
the representation of reality and fiction have been totally confused.

A like to believe that multisensory experience "uncontained" opens up new
realms of associations to be explored beneath the visual dominance of our


Jenny Marketou

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