Monday, March 1, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Multisensory Perception

Dear yasminers,

I's like to thank Raewin Turner and the Yasmin people for this invitation.
I introduce myself:

I was born in 1964 in São Paulo, where I still live and work -- as a teacher
at PUC-SP. I started my professional carreer as musician -- I still play --,
but I made my bachelor studies in Cinema, when I started to study the
relations among colors and sounds, what has led me to made a master's in the
subject of synesthesia. This turned into a small book, called "Synesthesia,
art and technology" (2002), a combination of some material from psychology
and neurosciences on the topic of synesthesia and a small inventory of
art-works that aimed different kinds of multisensory solutions. This work
already suggested some links among digital culture and synesthetic
experiences, developed in much broader scope in my PhD work, about the
impact of an omnipresent digital environment on perception and meaning. I
was then already involved with the writings of Maurice Merleau-Ponty on
perception, along the works of Contance Classen and David Howes, the
Canadian Anthropologists that have been doing an extraordinary work in the
Anthropology of the senses.
I keep it very interdisciplinar, however, bringing ideas from many other
artists and authors -- Heidegger, Flusser, McLuhan, Benjamin, Maturana and
Varela are some I often like to quote --, and since I teach nowadays
cognitive science, I keep an eye on contemporary science's discussion on the
senses. My last effort has been a post-doc work on the relations among
perception and language under a primacy of meaning. I'd say I've been
working with the senses for more than 15 years now.
For seven years (2001-08) I teached classes devoted to the discussion of
multisensory perception with bodyarts (dance, acting, performance)
undergraduate students, which constituted a remarkable interdisciplinary
laboratory of theory and practice on multisensory perception.
Look forward a beautiful conversation on the topic next weeks,

Best from Brazil

Sérgio Basbaum

-- Prof. Dr. Sérgio Roclaw Basbaum
-- Coord. Tecnologia e Mídias Digitais
-- Pós-Graduação Tec.da Inteligência e Design Digital - TIDD (PUC-SP)
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