Monday, March 8, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] M.S.P. and Concentricity

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Hello My Name is Jol Thomson,

I wanted to introduce myself and my art practice in the field of
transcendental cybernetics, investigating the conditions for the possibility
of complex systems. Essentially this means the structural examination of
the feedback cycle as an imminent and eminent relationship. This is a
research and process oriented practice where the spatial, sonic and visual
representations reflect upon the concentric multiplicities of the seemingly
universal element of the feedback loop in nature, time, space, perception
and communication.

In terms of multi sensory perception and synaesthesia the matching of the
spatial and sensual autopoietic systems leads to interesting relationships
and interactions creating phenomenological and neurophysiological responses
that may be of interest to both scientists and artists alike. I experiment
with complex analog environments, revealing all of the elements of the
system. In this way there is nothing left out or hidden from a participator,
and yet it remains captivating and mysterious.

My practice is experimental, intuitive and playful yet yields results in a
specific and concrete way. From a formalist approach, references to
abstract expressionism and geometric abstraction are evident, continuing and
opening up discussions not yet exhausted. Considering feedback from a
structuralist perspective reflection, refraction, and recording are
considered as polyvalent and are explored in their multiplicities, opening
or continuing transdisciplinary discussions in many of the science, arts and
humanities field.

Currently a resident at the Banff New Media Institute located in Alberta,
Canada, I am investigating the potentials of immersive stereoscopic feedback
environments and so far there appears to be some intriguing results. The
area of most significance for currently is concentric and parallactic space,
where again the term space has many connotations. I feel that presenting
space in and on itself transmits or initiates a deeper understanding or
awareness of the nesting occurring in all complex systems.

I look forward to the lively and intriguing posts.

jol thomson

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