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Re: [Yasmin_discussions] (Yasmin_discussions) Multisensory Perception

Re: multimodal perception from Antonio Brech-
-(forwarded by Raewyn)

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> Hi,Jassminners......
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> Thanks......
> Antonio Brech
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> TEXT 2
> The vision through sound ----
> Dear jasminners:
> Multisensory perception:
> The name refers to multimodal experience combinations in the use of
> different sensory modalities. It is a conception in my view very
> limited, but interesting introduction to the inter-modal theory
> The inter-sensory, is accessibility to the integration of the senses
> as a form of behavior is more comprehensive and has more depth,
> However I believe that you should not use these terms when the
> speech is pierced by the technology .....
> So the current historical moment would be more related to
> postecnocultura.
> Neither the culture in the conventional sense or the technology, is
> not references appropriate handles for understanding and managing
> of the than is reality in itself or ....the of than is the .human.
> To be more clear not reading, writing, calculo (logical-mathematical)
> but yes, sound, graphics and
> motion ........................................................
> (ALOGIC-Instrumentality
> operational
> ),.................................................................working
> as a bicycle .....
> Antonio Brech
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> TEXT 3
> Inter-modal theory
> Everyone seems to feel very comfortable saying the benefits of
> scientific methodology or the membership of the "axioms" from art
> history and commitment "creative".
> When one examines the true state of the cross, we appeal to the
> target philosophy as a discipline that could utopian integration
> backbone of the knowledge provided by the various disciplines of
> knowledge ... ..
> Moreover it seems that the technology has so far provided no
> criteria satisfactory solutions to issues are far-reaching as the
> need to overcome the ontological presuppositions, epistemological,
> or methodological when it comes to supporting the new knowledge.
> It is conceivable that we are very far from plain evidence and some
> ad hoc criteria, as well as the urgency of developing a theory about
> the inter-modal, does not have favorable conditions to develop an
> arduous task that requires of attitudes and a very demanding work
> for dialogue and interdisciplinary collaboration.
> The remaining question is clearly contextualized and this is
> undoubtedly facilitate the transfer process advances to facilitate
> access to a better understanding and management of new forms of
> activity and expertise, since the updating of human discourse is in
> good dependent measure of input-oriented in that direction.
> In any case if that goal is revealed as binding, provided the
> respect and consideration to get carry out a compilation and
> subsequent reflection, consistent answers about finding a
> justification for the legality of the goal mainstreaming.
> Antonio Brech

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