Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] multisensory perception

The human plume is a boundary layer that flows from us, around us. Our
collaborative art-science project involves exploring the nature and
sensing of the human plume and how we interact with one another and with
nature through the plume. Can we develop a language that enables us to
decipher the meanings transmitted within the plume? How much emotion is
conveyed within the plume? And is the plume an olfactory signalling
system that humans are using, or could use?

We wear a genetic profile around

Like a suit

Like a dress

We can sense some things

But not others

We like some things

Not others

The YASMIN discussions and contributions have helped inspire some new
avenues and approaches to tackling some of our questions concerning the
plume and has also opened up new areas for future exploration. These
include topics on neuroscience, language, individuality, sensory
discrimination and sensitivity, conscious v. subconscious sensing, cross
sensory expression, approximation and gut feelings. We will be
following up on many aspects of these areas within the plume project and
look forward to letting you know of progress. We have enjoyed the
contributions and discussion as we're sure you all have.

Many thanks,

Richard and Raewyn

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