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Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Multisensory Perception

Forwarded from Antonio Brech


Ex: Feeling the softness across the dance music ....

Meta criterion refers to a methodology that
consists in addressing the transition (joining /
leaving) to a goal state that allows the
efficient development of the enlargement process
of consciousness.
Just as the understanding and management of the
updating of psycho-motor functioning
autointeractivo level, connecting himself with
the reality momentual and ecological environment,
using mediational element movement, for which
international support is the sound mediational
... ....

The part related to the influence of the presence
of sound is important ... .... As active
self-consciousness while still in a partial
manner as if the translation of sound effects is
exhaustive (Afectación. What sound depends on the
experience of subject and its memory and history
sound) is enriched, the process of maximizing
output interpretation. (Afectat).
It is at this point that the operation "mental"
is becoming VISUAL necessarily for reasons of
economy and adequacy to levels of demand in terms
of the efficiency which represent a qualitative
The subject is able to visually manage paths or
routes that made in the understanding of their
internal schemes operating at intrinsic
(internal-motion way of mental representation of
movements or chains of actions but thought from
within, raised by sound is always the reference
sound is combined with that thought and run, (His
Majesty the sound).
There are paths to interpret the meaning or sense
of melody, not to seize the map corresponding to
the chain of integrated motor movements or
If there is an transistencia (Ver) and enter the
extrication capabilities (see), unraveling by
viewing safe and in optimal conditions all that
appears on the screen (VER) can generate new
proaction (ENVI) and increased (see) the
portfolio of operational resources to the
requirements of the exercise autointeractivo.
(Report written autoejercicio indent. With
reference always hold and, as I like to dance or
be stimulated by such dance music (t feel
concerned particularly favorable, even that is
the subject who choose the music)) is written and
said to himself as it should and autoresolver
Ex: open circle more tightly focused
near-Redondo) is initially used language that
follows the logic of self-observations gap
analysis, thinking about what you observed and
what to do to get strategically and tactically
including criticism and also the solution to
autopropuesta will be tested in subsequent runs
to achieve change replacement and disposal habits
of multiple access and consequently also to
improve the quality of your exercise until you
reach the optimization in the understanding and
management their own resources, and in turn the
new solutions lead to more efficiency in the
processes of transition and renewal as it is a
qualitative operability and prone to integration
.... , caused by the need to decode the
functional relations established between the
notes or audio material
(Example: Recognition of melodies or rhythmic
patterns) which in turn suggest new possibilities
for further displacement or integrated motor
schemes but expressive character that already
contain a meaning and significance in the overall
context of consciousness, revealing not only
internal operations but the transduction or
conversion of an understanding of the broader
reality (History, time and everyday environment)
generating a language that refers to its own
motives and impulses.
In general a transformation is occurring at the
instrumental, no longer works with the language
if that internal operations, psychic, have a
support graph. DISPLAY
Initially begin as images by association, until a
schematization increasingly more abstract but no
purer nearest to what happens in reality in terms
intrinsic to what things are through successive
approximations reaching ever greater
effectiveness in understanding and managing for
change or improvement of motor action schemes
which also includes increased capacity for
generation with higher quality and precision, and
the manufacture of new ones ....
>From here comes the sound or see through it,
another thing is what you see and what each is
likely to be, must be seen or be seen ... ... and
finally what it is, you should change the
scenario or the repertoire enough to produce the
turning of a standard repertoire, conventional
broad outlines of effective action, and the
emergence of a skills and resources to the
development and resolution capable of generating
non-stereotypical assumptions. That other thing
... is the goal a reality. Their display: META

Come to an evolution of the intersensibilidad
through sound or through autoaticamente
translates reading goal ... ... .. this type of
goal writing ....
First Sonograms ... .. up to the Metagrafias

Antonio Brech
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