Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Multisensory Perception

Hello Yasminer,

this my first discussion with the group, I will be in the upcoming discussion ( Multisensory Perception discussion)

this was one of my work related to the new yasmier theme.

I first mounted Coffin /Nest in 2004 in which I wove a circular nest out of clothing from friends and people I knew in Montreal and Syria. This project was produced in response to the mass graves in Iraq during the Saddam Hussein regime, where the only thing remaining to identify people was their clothes. From the clothing, one could guess at the cultural identity of the person, as each region has its own sartorial style and colours. Weaving this cocoon so that it could contain my body was a deeply symbolic act, connecting me with those people who died. As I wove the nest and spent time within, I was able to give witness to this history and to my memories of the lives and stories of the former owners of the clothes.

The new version of Coffin /Nest is not only about my memories but also speaks of my life and relationships in Montreal made here. The piece has perhaps become less about the past and more about the present with a connection to the future. Acting as a strengthening framework, the nest- or womb-like structure contains and holds me, while suggesting the possibility of new life and beginnings. The act of weaving is also very important for me as it is a part of me touching and interact with each piece of clothes , how it smells and what kind of image it might propose, and how it will be reformed to become a story teller or a symbolic act of hop.

A short documnetation of this work Coffin Nest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szqDEHQVZdM

Best regards

Khadija Baker

(514) 384-1457

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