Monday, March 1, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] multi modal illusions


there is an interesting class of "illusions' that exploit
interference between the senses= cross modal illusions

for instance there are a number of illusions where depending
on what text is presented to you you will hear the same
sound sequence as a different sequence of words

my brother in law al seckel gives talks where he illustrates
a number of illusions where what you hear affects what you

i found this thesis below that explores such cross sensory cross


Title: Visual and Auditory Velocity Perception and Multimodal Illusions
Authors: Gasaway, Katherine
Psychology <>
Advisor: Committee Member/Second Reader: Schumacher, Eric; Faculty Mentor:
Corballis, PaulSubjects :
Audition <>
Velocity <>
Perception <>
Illusion <>
Capture <>Issue
Date: 5-May-2008Publisher: Georgia Institute of TechnologyAbstract: Although
ambiguous and conflicting sensory information from different sensory
modalities is common, people seldom experience perceptual ambiguities or
conflict between senses. Just as the retinal nerve blind spot is filled in
and seldom seen, conflicting or otherwise confusing sensory information is
resolved in favor of the most appropriate modality, eliminating the
confusion from conscious experience. The ventriloquism effect and auditory
driving are two examples of perceptual phenomena arising from this sensory
override. This research explores the hypothesis that velocity perception is
subject to the same effects. Subjects were presented with two bimodal
(auditory-visual) stimulus pairs and asked to determine which of the visual
stimuli was moving faster. In a V2A2/V2A1 condition, participants responded
significantly more frequently that the first visual stimulus was faster than
in any non-target condition. This effect was not found for V2A2/V2A3 trials.
Type: Undergraduate ThesisURI: in
Collections:School of Psychology Undergraduate Research Option Theses
Undergraduate Research Option
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