Saturday, January 22, 2011

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Around Simulation II - Simulated Senses and the Un-Simulatable

Il giorno 21/gen/2011, alle ore 03.15, rbuiani ha scritto:

> that particular sense has not being payed too much attention to (smell being one) or has been deemed as secondary

Yes Roberta, I think it is mainly a cultural affair... Since the dawn of its exixtence the humankind tryed to hide, eliminate or divert the odours. I think this has something to deal with the idea of truth. Every single people on the Earth can be represented by her/his odour, which is unique, unmistakable and unchangeable. Our odour is what we, biologically and psychologically, are, it reveals what we are and our state of existence. The odour represents our deeper truth, which can't be tricked, or diverted. The odour can't lye, In semiotics it is an index.

For this and other reasons, since humans are symbolic people they tryed to expand, enrich and divert this truth ... and they invented the perfumes, and the deodorants to cover the odour. We can change the perfumes, while we can't change our odours... With the perfumes and other smells we can tell stories and lye.

Pier Luigi

Pier Luigi Capucci
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