Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Around Simulation II - Simulating Empathy and Subjective Experience

hello jennifer and everyone!

> How our senses dance a dance of signals that triggers our neurons. If we know
> how it is evoked in brains with the use of technology, we will learn more about
> how to evoke it in computers. In particular from the view that we are all
> jiggling atoms ;) How to make my Avatar/Robot feel? How to put the Gaia in the
> world of my Avatar/Robot?

here come some suggestions from my own practice in arts+science. hope
you find them interesting for your research.

in the Talkers performance, the body of a dancer is connected to a
stimulation system that enacts a grammar made of electrical
stlimulation signals that are conveyed to the body of the dancer to
"write" on it the expressions of the audience, as sensed through a
series of online and live mechanisms and interfaces.
These mechanisms are the controls (parameters) defining the life of a
digital life form that expresses itself through generative language
and emotional expressions whose algorithms work through the realtime
contents of social networks. The body of the dancer becomes a
"display" for the simulation, re-mediating the body with the
digital-emotions and generative-linguistic-expressions of the digital

OneAvatar simulates the senses of an avatar on Second Life on a
physical human-body.
Created as a game in the virtual world of Second Life (and then on a
series of additional platforms), OneAvatar is a suit that connects the
body of the human to the digital-body of an avatar, allowing the human
to "feel" the digital-perceptions of the avatar through a series of
electrical and haptic stimuli.
OneAvatar has since become an open source platform that can be used to
build simulations that involve digital-life-forms and mapping them
onto a human body.
The human body becomes the medium for a simulation for researching
digital emotions and perceptions, as well as the cybernetic systems
built by interconnecting human body to digital body.

i already mentioned Dead on Second Life in the other message, and i
will put it here only for the sake of completeness: famous dead human
beings are simulated in virtual worlds through autonomous avatars led
by artificial intelligence and behavioural algorithms. A scientific
simulation and an artistic metaphor on the continuous simulation of
people constantly taking place in our cognitive processes through
their words, images, relationships.

Conference Biofeedback creates in real time a simple model of the
emotional state of the audience of a lecture, and describes it to the
lecturer by means of sensorial stimuli directly on his/her body.

and, by the way, here's a picture of me wearing a primordial version
of Conference Biofeedback for my conference at Consciousness Reframed
in Munich, together with Pier Luigi
(not many electrical shocks received in that occasion :) )

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