Saturday, January 22, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Around Simulation II: Sense of Empathy – Simulation of Otherness within my Body

Dear all,

in response to Jennifer's, Joshua's and Clarissa's discussion
revolving around simulating the sense of empathy, questioning whether
intuition is simulatable or not (vol 99 msg 13), investigating
mentalists, mind reading (vol 99, msg 12) and quoting Bergson on
possibility of telepathy (vol 100, msg 6) I propose we delve further
in Bergson's theory of two types of experiences - two ways of knowing
''a thing'':
1. going all around it = ''intellect'' / stops at the relative
(depends on the viewpoint taken and symbols employed)
2. entering into it = ''intuition'' / attains the absolute
(no viewpoint but within, rests upon no symbols)
The relative algorithmic approach we have no difficulty in simulating,
calculating, abstracting, representing ... but how do we simulate the
absolute knowledge? If it is not an ''algo–rhythm'' the answer still
has to do something with rhythm! Bergson would argue to disengage from
one's particular rhythm of duration in order to access rhythms others
than our own.*
*Valentine Moulard-Leonard, Bergson-Deleuze encounters: transcendental
experience and the thought of the virtual (SUNY Press, 2008).

Ziva Ljubec

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