Monday, March 23, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Is some innovation culturally sterile?

This could also be viewed as simple techno-determined consumerism. These
attitudes certainly keep the technology companies in business. My students
are already producing mash-ups using Google Streetview (new in the UK as of
yesterday), their shiny iPhones and GPS. They are techno-motivated.

I¹m with Harold Cohen on this one.



On 23/3/09 12:01, "roger malina" <> wrote:

> there is much art production today that one might call "technophilic"
> which views new technologies as a 'territory' for artistic exploration
> and indeed as every new technology comes on the market, one can
> find artists who are at the forefront of its appropriation- and in some cases
> are even employed in companies that use their work for marketing purposes)
> ( see the wikipaedia entry which adds:
> Transhumanism is sometimes considered to be the most ideological form
> of technophilia,
> as its adherents work towards a future in which technology will allow
> human beings to be
> physically and mentally enhanced, in order to better suit individual
> and social standards)
> which broadens the debate of what is "culturally fertile" and its
> ideological context.

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