Wednesday, March 18, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: ARTISTS AS INVENTORS, art as invention

To answer and add questions to many interesting things exchanged all along these weeks by the discussion on Artists as inventors.

- Artists in a cultural industry society are in front of technological tools and a massive mode of production. So one the question is how to integrate or refuse the general conditions for the work of creation and invention ? How to make alive the intellectual and spiritual production into the standard products ?

- Artists and scientists are involved with technology. How to articulate both inventions ? Is the scientific invention with technology only an application of scientific solutions or more (and better), it means that a scientific invention introduce a way of life trough new technical objects ? And artist's use of these technical objects would not be an application of the possibilities of the tools but another way of life ? How all this can live together ? Artists and scientists do they have to work close in order to imagine and invent ways of life, and so a new society ?

- Leonardo's work included many fields, from engeenering to painting, and in each of ones, he tryed to invent a way to make it work : water machines, war objects, painting representation (perspective, proportions)… So he is considered as an inventor into a large scale. Some say that he had introduced the modern science by his way of thinking. Leonardo is a singular and extraordinary artist. His inventions still continue to exist. Is he the model for our times ?

- Do technological innovation has to generate the need to use it for the artists, or aesthetic forms and representation questionning have to be resolved by technological inventions ? Experimentation and research seem to have to be an important part of work for artists and scientists. It is my position and I can see that also in the texts about 3D bitmap or about photography, or Shoffer 's work, and architect Lynn, and so on…


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