Wednesday, March 25, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] CAS April Meeting - Rob Saunders: Computational Models of Curiosity


The Computer Arts Society BCS SG is pleased to invite you to our
April meeting. This event is open to the public and is free.

Please note we have changed our meetings to 'the first
Wednesday of the month!'

Wednesday 1 April 2009
6:30 for 7:00pm
London Knowledge Lab - Institute of Education
23 - 29 Emerald St
London WC1N 3QS, England
Tube: Holborn, Russell Square or Chancery Lane

Rob Saunders: Computational Models of Curiosity

"In this talk I will present my research developing computational
models of curiosity and their application to the modelling of
individual and social creativity. Curiosity is a behavioural
response to a perceived lack of information. Computational models
of curiosity can be constructed using a wide range of machine
learning technologies. The development of agent-based models of
curiosity opens up new possibilities for modelling creative
behaviour, including the autonomous exploration of conceptual
spaces. The autonomy of motivated creative agents supports the
modelling of emergent dynamics of social creativity. Motivated
creative agents also present new opportunities for supporting
human creativity."

Rob Saunders is Lecturer in Design Computing at The Design Lab in
The University of Sydney, Australia. His research has focussed on
the development of computational models of creativity. In
particular, he has developed computational models to explore the
role of curiosity, interest and boredom in the creative process.
He has used his models of curiosity to develop computational
models of social creativity to explore the emergent dynamics of
social creativity. His most recent research includes extending
models of social creativity to include aspects of language and
culture to explore the consequences of these phenomena on the
evolution of creativity.

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