Monday, March 16, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] artists as inventors/ Schöffer

A dozen pages about relations between Nicolas
Schöffer and inventions in this review from 2006

page 43 to 65, in french. Schöffer has registered
several patents for his cybernetic sculptures,
installations , environements and architectures.
Many machines for sound, brain or visuals from
the sixties still work, some need restoration.
The most famous (and simple) of his dreaming
machines was the Lumino, build by Philips in USA
and France.

One of his patents, about one light kinetic
sculpture and system for projecting on large
surfaces in architecture:

Schöffer, Nicolas 'Optical Projection System and
Device for Creating Mobile Projected Images'.
Patent no. 1.168.155. Requested in Paris on 14
December 1956

'These projections can be used in all sorts of
spectacles as decoration, or may by themselves
constitute a spectacle, in the cinema, in the
application of architectural mural colouring, on
interior or exterior surfaces, in all genres of
advertising, in decoration, in sculpture, in the
prolongation of the sight of a sculpture by its
shadow projected in black, in grey or in colour,
statically or in movement on all types of screens
characterised in chapter 2 of the present
descriptive record. These projections may also be
conceived as part of mobile paintings of some

The Schöffer archives are in Villa des Arts in
Paris, and Eleonore Schöffer, his wife, and Maude
Ligier, specialist of NS, will help you to find
documents if you need some for publication

Jean-Noël Montagné

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