Monday, March 30, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] ARTISTS AS INVENTORS, art as invention

Dear Robert, Roger and All,

I am glad to have participated in this dicussion "Artists as
Inventors" throughout this month. I am sorry for my poor
English and that I could not comment directly on the first
10 questions given by Robert and Roger.

As my closing statement, I would like to come back to the
well-known old fact that art (ars) and technology (techne)
were the same word in their origine and had the same meaning
before the modern period. Leonard da Vinci considered
painting science. Today the meanings of these two words
differ each other, but not in total. I think the core of art
and the essence of technology are sometimes very similar even
today, which might be the reason why this topic "Artists as
Inventors" was so deep and so interesting, and why I have
been persisted in the idea "art as invention / invention as
art" till the last.

Best wishes,

Hideki Nakazawa
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