Thursday, March 12, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] question no 9 Artists and Inventors: Social Inventions


we thought we would focus for a few days on another of the questions
proposed by
the moderators:

*9. Often innovations in social organization and practices are as crucial as
technological innovation. What examples do we have of artists contributions
of this type.*

This question was proposed by Arantxa Mendiharat who runs the Dissonancias
in spain that places artists in science and industy labs but also in social

The program there is funded in the context of economic development and
and it is interesting that the question of innovation in social practices as
well as
technical invention has come up.

An example of one such residency that focused on social innovation was
Research commissioned: Look for new relationship spaces between Lantegi
Batuak and the social framework of Bizkaia.

Arantxa-can you explain more of your interest in artists and social
invention ?

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