Sunday, May 8, 2011

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] art and science: re-drawing boundaries

And perhaps the distinction between evolution and human meddling is the

I am not a person of faith but I do trust that nature will, by one means or
another, tend to keep things on some sort of even keel. Humans, with our
terribly limited apprehension of the implications of our actions and our
tendency to hubris, are not trustworthy. On a certain level I hope that
nature will even the keel, in this instance, by taking humans out of the
evolutionary tree (we are too dangerous, to one another and to the planet,
to survive).

I support those who trash GM fields. I also support those who are doing
cutting edge research that raises fundamental questions about life and who
we are. But I want to know the food I eat is organically grown by
sustainable means by people who have a sustainable life based on a lifestyle
of their choice. I do not want industry dictating who grows what and where
and I do not trust any branch of government or industry to make appropriate

I am not sure how to square this circle? In fact, I doubt it can be squared
- and until that time we should not be taking some of the risks we are.

It isn't dissimilar to the nuclear debate. I support nuclear research as
this may be a route by which we might understand some of the fundamentals of
the physical universe. However, I also believe that all civil and military
exploitation of nuclear technology should cease until we resolve a range of
issues: such as making it sustainable (eg: does not use a limited resource),
non-polluting and non-militarised. So far as I can see nuclear energy can
never fulfil these requirements.

That humans and our planet are such a small detail in the universe is a
reassurance. Nothing we can do will amount to much. However, I do feel sorry
for all the life forms on this planet who cannot participate in a debate
about these issues. And I take it as a personal affront that misguided
researchers funded by Monsanto can determine how I live.

This is the debate we should be having.



On 08/05/2011 20:53, "roger malina" <> wrote:

> annick= you are quite right to correct me- that the ventner work doesnt breach
> the living/non living boundary= but rather introduces the possibility
> of new life
> forms on earth that are not a result of darwinian evolution= and so its
> the darwinian earth life vs new life forms that are non darwinian

Simon Biggs

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