Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] location and re-drawing (3artists in the show )

One artist in the show is Christian Nold. He has taken the oft-maligned
use of bio-feedback to create locative media works that augment maps and
spaces by experiential feedback data.


Buckminster Fuller with his Geoscope foresaw the need to have a live skin
of data across the earth. Fifty years ago he envisioned a way to see data
globally and to be able to geo-locate information and its dissemination.


Stanza in his work "Soul of the City" uses a system of sensors to
question if cities can be seen as comparable to organisms.


"The changing parameters are what changes in the city; ie the temperature,
light, noise data and chemical changes. The objective is to find some
shared understandings of the nature of the 'emotional city' and its
measurable sensory 'behaviours'"

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