Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: censored artists discussions


in the interest of focusing our yasmin discussion for the next two
weeks on the - re drawing borders discussion, we are asking
people who want to feed back to tamiko thiel on the censored
artists discussion directly

we can come back to tamiko's discussion on yasmin list
in two weeks

her email is : <tamiko@alum.mit.edu>,


Tamiko Thiel a écrit :
&gt; Dear Yasminers,
&gt; I am doing an augmented reality artwork on censored artists, to be
&gt; shown at the Manifest.AR uninvited augmented reality intervention at
&gt; the Venice Biennial.
&gt; As the Venice Biennial is about contemporary visual arts I am focusing
&gt; on contemporary, living visual artists.
&gt; Of course the most recent, widely publicized example is Ai Weiwei, and
&gt; the list can be incredibly long - I will have to make a small
&gt; selection of around 10. I am curious to query the Yasmin list for your
&gt; viewpoint, and will be querying Faces as well (apologies for
&gt; cross-posting!)
&gt; What would be your &quot;top ten&quot;?
&gt; take care, Tamiko

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