Monday, May 9, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] boundaries and new and bio


I'm eager to jump into numerous of these threads. So I'll pop in some
thoughts regarding what seem to be two general themes brewing. The
notion of boundaries and the evolving use of tech (both electronic and
biological) in art/science.

I see the two as quite inter-tangled in numerous ways, but one in
particular strikes me as an artist/poet/creator. And that is that,
honestly, I do not care. I don't mean to sound flippant or be
dismissive, but I could care less about where the boundaries between
art forms and media live. Additionally, I'm little interested (again
as a creator) in how new technology is created or where the
technology/biology sits in relation to other past/current/future

Instead I am interested in what is being created, in the
artworks/creations/poetry/whatever being built/born with those tools.
Much of "new media" or "bio art" or "insert term and creative
nomenclature" is discussed in how it relates to that technology or how
that technology is being used or how the art is somehow redrafting
lines and on and on. These kind of conceptual and theoretical are
immensely interesting to me as a casual intellectual. And I can
certainly see the need for such discussions as society grapples with
how these new development impact our lives and conditions and
relationships. But, as an artist, I do not would rather experience the
creation, rather play/explore/being consumed within the artwork than
have to consider boundaries and the intersections of science.

One of the concerns about the use of "new media" is that it isnt
"new". And that all artwork or poetry uses technology of some sort or
other. And so why qualify it. Indeed, I don't want to look at an
artwork and have to consider how cool it is that a GPS tracker is
being attached to an arm, or a cellular clump is being eaten by
another cellular clump that looks like a baseball hat. I simply want
to experience the artwork, I want the experience to transcend the
tools, to become its own creation and not a curious use of new

Again....and I know I keep repeating this, I am not saying these
discussions arent worth while. Because they absolutely are. I am just
tired of seeing works that are all about the process and no so much
about the artwork itself, they are all about the science, with a
little bit of art thrown in.

Of course, then again, I really do want to see cellular clumps eat
each other. As long as they are shaped like Sarah Pallin.

cheers, Jason

Jason Nelson

Net Art/Digital Poetry and other oddities
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