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I am very excited to begin this Yasmin discussion. The show has just begun
and will run for 15 weeks with new artists in pairs each week. The artists
are in new media, new media narrative,locative media, mapping or
cartographic art and experimental cartography. The show looks at space,
measure, data, and also the boundaries we so often place between fields of
art. I am thrilled that Roger has begun this discussion and look forward
to an interesting shared conversation



> Curator: Jeremy Hight Senior Curators: Lanfranco Aceti and Christiane Paul
> This exhibition presents key innovators in Locative Media, New Media and
>  Mapping in a show that works to display not only fields and works but
> more
>  of cross pollinations, progressions, the need to move beyond labels just
>  like the importance of reconsidering borders on maps, what space is and
>  what pragmatic tools and previous forms can do.
>  The selected artists are:
>> Kate Armstrong, Alan Bigelow, Louisa Bufardeci, Laura Beloff, J.R
>> Carpenter, Jonah Brucker Cohen, Vuk Cosic, Fallen Fruit, Luka Frelih,
>> Buckminster Fuller, Rolf Van Gelder, Natalie Jeremijenko, Carmin
>> Kurasic,
>> Paula Levine, Mez, Lize Mogel, Jason Nelson, Christian Nold, Esther
>> Polak,
>> Proboscis, Kate Pullinger, Carlo Ratti, Douglas Repetto, Teri Rueb,
>> Stanza, Jen Southern, Kai Syng Tan, Jeffrey Valance, Sarah Willams,
>> Jeremy
>> Wood, Tim Wright.
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