Sunday, May 1, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] arts and sciences: re-drawing boundaries


we are starting a new YASMIN discussion= there are a few
pending posts related to PhD or not to PhD and to
censored artists pending that I will approve before
Jeremy Height sends us an opening statement

Roger Malina


Moderated by Roger Malina

Invited Discussants : Jeremy Hight, Lanfranco Aceti

This YASMIN discussion grows out of the LEA Re-Drawing Boundaries on-
line exhibition:!/pages/Leonardo-Electronic-Almanac/209156896252

Curator: Jeremy Hight Senior Curators: Lanfranco Aceti and Christiane Paul
Details at the end of this email.

It will also feed into the IMERA ( Institut Mediterranean de
Recherche Avancees where a new initiative on Frontiers is beginning,
led by political antrhopologist Cedric Parizot., The
annual IMERA art-science
symposium planned for the fall of 2011 in Marseille will be on this topic.

In this YASMIN discussion we are interested in art-science questions that
arise such as :

a) Bio-Metrics: how are the new biological and medical technologies
redefining the boundaries of personal and group identities ? What
work of artists explore these questions?

b) How do the evolving nature of boundaries between the physical and
the virtual change our concepts of
borders? How to architects and urban planners manifest these changes
in the built environement ?

c) Network science helps us understand complex networks, What
concepts of boundaries emerge
in complex networks and the flows through them ? These issues will be
discussed at Leonardo Day
at the NESCI Conference Budapest:

d) How can ontologies and terminologies become problematic and even
restrictive in the face of cross over works and interests that cross
boundaries within and outside art;
do artificial borders between art and science inhibit new ideas and
work? Between art and craft?

e) Do our geo-political concepts of borders impose inhibiting
constraints? There is an explosion of artistic
and cultural use of geographic information systems, locative media,
and other new mapping technologies.
What social and political implications do these mapping technologies carry?
What is the role of arists in the "Jasmin" revolutions in north Africa
and the middle east ?

We welcome contributions from YASMINERS on art-science work related to
these questions or others.

Here are details of the LEA galleries :

This exhibition presents key innovators in Locative Media, New Media and
Mapping in a show that works to display not only fields and works but more
of cross pollinations, progressions, the need to move beyond labels just
like the importance of reconsidering borders on maps, what space is and
what pragmatic tools and previous forms can do.

The selected artists are:

> Kate Armstrong, Alan Bigelow, Louisa Bufardeci, Laura Beloff, J.R
> Carpenter, Jonah Brucker Cohen, Vuk Cosic, Fallen Fruit, Luka Frelih,
> Buckminster Fuller, Rolf Van Gelder, Natalie Jeremijenko, Carmin Kurasic,
> Paula Levine, Mez, Lize Mogel, Jason Nelson, Christian Nold, Esther Polak,
> Proboscis, Kate Pullinger, Carlo Ratti, Douglas Repetto, Teri Rueb,
> Stanza, Jen Southern, Kai Syng Tan, Jeffrey Valance, Sarah Willams, Jeremy
> Wood, Tim Wright.

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