Monday, May 2, 2011

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] arts and sciences: re-drawing boundaries

Dear Lanfranco,

I have been very happy to read the following lines that you
wrote describing your process with LEA as I think it is a
crucial issue currently :

> There are so many exciting things happening with the Leonardo Electronic
> Almanac including the possibility of transferring exhibitions from the
> virtual to the real.
> For this reason we have developed a collaboration with Kasa Gallery in
> Istanbul where some of these shows will take place and where we will have
> research symposia and seminars on the current state of contemporary art.
> LEA will continue this strategy moving as well between the boundaries of
> physical spaces and screens - analyzing and discussing both the complexity
> of data but also the boundaries of artistic activities that can no longer be
> restricted within national borders.

In the digital community, there have been many discourses
about the re-materialisation after so many years of
de-materialisation. And I have taken my part in those
discourses. At the same time, we are witnessing recently the
"return of the screen" and screen-based works, projects and
exhibitions of which LEA is part.

Exhibitions and artworks moving from physical spaces to
screen spaces and vice versa is a very interesting approach
as it would mean the malleability of both the works and the

However I would like to raise the issue of what do we call
an exhibition as opposed to documentation, to publication :

=> What is showing on LEA a video of a sound installation ?
Is it what we used to call "exhibition" ? or what we used to
call "documentation" (archiving) ? what the catalogues were
for ?

=> how do you appreciate, as a viewer/audience, a work
online/on screen that DOES have (that is based on, that is
mainly) a physical component that is an installation ? It
cannot be the same experience. Can you say then that the
exhibition and the documentation can be labelled with the
same word "exhibition" ?

=> what are those new modes, in-between
exhibition-documentation-publication ? and to stick with the
topic, how the previous boundaries are evolving ?

=> How do you conceive or design projects that can be
transfered from the virtual to the real and vice versa ?

Those are issues and topics that I am currently researching
and discussing and that I am really interested in.



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