Saturday, May 28, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] issues and questions

What are the constructs that make and define "borders"? Are maps partially
born of conquest and exclusion? Aren't they deeply semiotically and
semantically charged spaces then? How much has anyone touched upon this?

Are we in a moment within this recession of seeing emphasis being shone
upon engineering and hard sciences financially as opposed to more
experimental scientific research and the arts? Or is this a false
dialectic formulated by the media and a few politicians?

How in the near future will augmented reality, locative aware
visualizations and immersive visualizations evolve? What issues are
arising? Are we seeing space and spaces differently? How is the
corporatization of cutting edge concepts any different from similar
moments and progressions in the past? Should we look back before we look

Has texting led us to a dystopic impasse not so much in terms of
technology but connected psychology and socialization issues? Some polls
have shown that teens prefer texting to face to face communication.
Texting and driving in some areas are now the leading cause of accidents.
What is this screen obsessed moment in larger contexts? What must change?
Is this an ironic result of the long desired move to web 2.0 and toward
3.0 as well as the desire for malleable screen space (multi tasking) and
malleable mapping (map overlay data results etc)?

How must art be named, displayed, codified as to best avoid the pitfalls
of fields being seen as one loaded set of generalist connotations (new
media, locative media, etc) while works by artists in many different
"fields" use the same tools ?

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