Monday, May 9, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] art and science: re-drawing boundaries


our re drawing boundaries is drawing a large number of posts-
to avoid e-glut i am approving only 5 posts a day, and giving
priority to first time posters=- so the old yasmin hands should
be patient

just a reminder that the starting for our ediscussion on how
science and technology are driving the re -drawing of boundaries
is the re Drawing Boundaries exhibit, details below, curated by
Jeremy Hight.

Just a personal thought- i think we should move on to other
topics that the 'new media' topic which has become an old
chestnut in our community and not generative of new insights
in my view

jason nelson i think correctly re directs the discussion to:

"Instead I am interested in what is being created, in the
artworks/creations/poetry/whatever being built/born with those tools.
Much of "new media" or "bio art" or "insert term and creative
nomenclature" is discussed in how it relates to that technology or how
that technology is being used or how the art is somehow redrafting
lines and on and on. These kind of conceptual and theoretical are
immensely interesting to me as a casual intellectual. And I can
certainly see the need for such discussions as society grapples with
how these new development impact our lives and conditions and
relationships. But, as an artist, I do not would rather experience the
creation, rather play/explore/being consumed within the artwork than
have to consider boundaries and the intersections of science.""


Re Drawing Boundaries

-- Curator: Jeremy Hight Senior Curators: Lanfranco Aceti and Christiane Paul

This exhibition presents key innovators in Locative Media, New Media
and Mapping in a show that works to display not only fields and works
but more of cross pollinations, progressions, the need to move beyond
labels just like the importance of reconsidering borders on maps, what
space is and what pragmatic tools and previous forms can do.

The selected artists are:

Kate Armstrong, Alan Bigelow, Louisa Bufardeci, Laura Beloff, J.R
Carpenter, Jonah Brucker Cohen, Vuk Cosic, Fallen Fruit, Luka Frelih,
Buckminster Fuller, Rolf Van Gelder, Natalie Jeremijenko, Carmin
Kurasic, Paula Levine, Mez, Lize Mogel, Jason Nelson, Christian Nold,
Esther Polak, Proboscis, Kate Pullinger, Carlo Ratti, Douglas Repetto,
Teri Rueb, Stanza, Jen Southern, Kai Syng Tan, Jeffrey Valance, Sarah
Willams, Jeremy Wood, Tim Wright.

The range of works in this exhibit have not only shown in Biennials in
some cases or started whole fields of work in others, but more
importantly, show in them a connectivity of exploration and practice
between many people and works in differently named fields. Data is not
just cold measure; place is not static; function can be many fold and
startlingly so by intention. Space and location are not simply to be
marked or named. There are histories, tensions, conflicts, stories,
many types of data and ways of measure.

This show will exhibit 2 new important artists/practitioners each week
from several different fields.

Exhibition Schedule

Week 1: Jonah Brucker Cohen, Teri Rueb Week 2: Carlo Ratti, Sarah
Willams Week 3: Stanza, Lize Mogel Week 4: Jeremy Wood, Mez Week 5:
Rolf Van Gelder, Carmin Kurasic, Kai Syng Tan Week 6: Jason Nelson,
Vuk Cosic Week 7: Kate Pullinger, Tim Wright Week 8: Douglas Repetto,
Alan Bigelow Week 9: Christian Nold, Esther Polak Week 10: Laura
Beloff, J.R Carpenter Week 11: Proboscis, Kate Armstrong Week 12: Jen
Southern, Buckminster Fuller Week 13: Jeffrey Valance, Natalie
Jeremijenko Week 14: Fallen Fruit, Louisa Bufardeci Week 15: Luka
Frelih, Paula Levine

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