Thursday, May 5, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] SYNTH-ETHIC - Art & Synthetic Biology in Vienna, opening 13th of may & Bio-Fiction Film Festival

Dear Yasminers,

if you are in or near Vienna/Austria next week, you may be interested
in joining us for the opening of

SYNTH-ETHIC, an exhibition that presents art works related to the new
field of Synthetic Biology and its historical and epistemological roots,

on Friday 13th of May at 7 pm at the Natural History Museum Vienna.
The exhibition runs from May 14 to June 26.

With works by Rachel Armstrong, Art Orienté objet (Marion Laval-
Jeantet & Benoît Mangin), Adam Brown, Joe Davis, Andy Gracie, Roman
Kirschner, James Tour & Stephanie Chanteau, Tuur Van Balen, Paul
Vanouse, The Tissue Culture and Art Project (Oron Catts & Ionat Zurr);
curated by Jens Hauser.

While artists increasingly use biotechnologies in order to manipulate
living systems, the new field of Synthetic Biology aims at applying
engineering principles to biology, so to not only modify but to build
up „life" from scratch. In SYNTH-ETHIC, artists question not only this
new technological dimension and its deriving ethical stance but also
the very notion of the "synthetic". Their works explore the areas of
tension between molecular biology and ecology, architecture and
biochemistry, cybernetics and alchemy.

For joining the opening, please make your reservation:

This exhibition runs in parallel to the BIO:FICTION science, art and
film festival and to its related conference programme on 13th and 14th
of May, at the Natural History Museum Vienna.

The Science, Art and Film Festival Bio:Fiction is an interdisciplinary
event and presents the first synthetic biology film festival to which
130 films from 25 countries were submitted. Winners will be announced
during the BIO:FICTION Gala and Award. The film screenings are
paralleled by two days of scientific talks and panel discussions on
the science, the ethical issues, the applications, and the future
outlook of Synthetic Biology.

See you in Vienna!

Jens Hauser

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