Sunday, May 29, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Art Agency, and its Constitution :ANNOUNCING YASMIN DISCUSSION

Art Agency,and its Constitution .
Science Agency and its Constitution

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 G. H. Rabbath;Doctor of Philosophy, Human Sciences, and
 Associate Professor at Université Saint-Joseph, Beirut, Lebanon .

This year the Venice Biennial:
promises to be the most successful ever with a record of national
participation despite the last minute withdrawal of some Middle
 -Eastern countries like Lebanon.  One of the 5 questions that artistic
director Bice Curriger asked all the participating artists is: "If art were
a nation, what would its constitution be?"

 The current turn of events in the MENA countries will change the face
 of the region for ever. New media is viewed as the critical factor in
 creating political and social change.

Have new media, and social media reached a critical point
where they can help build a country from the bottom-up, or can they only
topple governements for the moment? What is the
relation with contemporary art practices? Is there still a
possibility for individual agency through new media and
art, and is the Biennial format  the last place to explore new
political models?

In keeping with the YASMIN aim to network artists and
scientists around the Mediterranean, we propose to couple
the discussion to the related question.

Science Agency and its Constitution. "If Science were a Nation,
what would its constitution be?"

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 Follow the discussion on the YASMIN BLOG:
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