Monday, May 9, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] art and science: re-drawing boundaries

From: Daniela Alina Plewe <>
Date: Mon, 9 May 2011 13:27:55 +0800
Subject: re-drawing boundaries: transactional arts (art and economics/finance)


"redrawing boundaries" could also consider fields like economics and
even finance as domains informing artistic works. Under the label
"transactional arts" works are introduced, in which artists actually
apply economic principles and exchange values within the artwork.
Artists become deal makers and strategists. The transactions can
involve not only economic and monetary capital, but also social,
cultural, symbolic or other forms.


Think Duchamp's Monte Carlo Bond and his cheque to the dentist around
1920. But also many contemporary artists work with transactional
elements: Etoy, RT Mark, Aaron Koblin, GWEI/Uebermorgen, Mejor Vida,
Carey Peppermint, Cory Arcangel, Boggs, Philippe Pareno, Caleb Larson,
Atelier van Lieshout, Yes Men, Maurice Benayoun, Yann Toma, Blank und
Jeron, Res Ingold, Robin Hanson to name a few. The transactional
nature of the medium internet seems to facilitate interactions as

After conquering the various technological and hard science domains
(e.g. AI, Robotics, Bio, Nano, etc.), i wonder if economics and
finance could serve as sources of inspiration for artists and
theorists. If so, this could reactivate the discourse around the
contribution of artists to the evolution of economic systems in
general and the financial system in particular. For example, artists,
like most parts of society, have basically missed the developments in
the financial sector during the last 20 years. The recent financial
crisis could inspire us to penetrate the body of knowledge that plays
such an important role in the world we live in. So called Risk
Management - a core competence of artists..?

Yes, the ideas around the autonomy of art and disinterestedness of the
aesthetic judgement have always created a distance between the domains
of art and business, for good reasons. However, as transactional
artists have demonstrated, there is plenty of room for witty,
provocative conceptual approaches.

Transactional art works could serve as a platform to experiment with
new forms of social contracts. Possibly of value at a time, where
social, political and economic systems are under pressure and leave
room for all sorts of innovations.


Daniela A. Plewe

Daniela Alina Plewe
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Singapore 229538
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