Saturday, May 7, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] art and science: re-drawing boundaries


no one seems to have picked up on my previous topic\
on the shifting boundary between living and non living

until now the only forms of life on this planete are those
that are derived via darwinian evolution for the primordial
soup as they say

in 2010 a new life form was perhaps created, the first
in 5 billion years

Updated: Oct 18, 2010

A brand new living cell and the beginning of an era for artificial
life forms! It's official, J. Craig
Venter and his team have created the first self-replicating synthetic
cell with a completely man-made
set of genetic instructions—a never before existing bacteria species
has joined the ranks of the living.

The cultural implcations of this new step will no doubt take decades
if not centuries to be integrated
into our deep views on living systems.


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