Sunday, May 29, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Boundaries


the work of Stanza that was just posted to the
LEA channel (

Sensity involves collected data across the city of London visualized
to make art. The whole world is a dynamic real time artwork. The city
data space becomes mirrored online and the environment becomes an
emergent series generative artworks.

This kind of work is proliferating that takes existing large
data sets, or artist generated ones, and re inserts them
into the city or personal environement via installations
or other devices

whats not clear to me is whether these kinds of work
can really change our behaviours or relationship
to the world= to the extenthat they occupy our
mediated spaces they can perhaps "re thicken" our
connection to phenomena that we only have
abstract awareness of) but without embodiment
do they remain un=intimate ? that boundary
between the virtual and physical is multi layered

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