Monday, May 30, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] art and science and their constitutions


for those of you who prefer to chat on linkedin we have started the
art and science
constitution discussion
on the art science collaboration group on linked in

here is a comment from george sudduth on the linked in discussion


This sounds interesting. I read just today about about how in
education, art has been more or less been left out in relationship to
K - 12 curricula nationwide and should be placed back in. 'Should be
placed back in' curricula; seems like to me that we have local, state
and national governments to thank for the 'state of the arts.' Go back
to artists like Mapplethorpe and Serrano supported by the NEA and then
ridiculed by the likes of Jesse Helms to the point where that agency
now is nothing more than a shadow of itself.
Art Agency Constitution? What would the preamble be?

"We the Artists of today and tomorrow put forth from this day forward
the act of creativity and freedom of expression as guaranteed by our
forefathers for the right to visualize and act in creative measures,
as it provides works of art solely by and for the people to peruse at
their leisure without any prohibitive acclamations as to the nature of
the work, the creators of the work and their right to be creative no
matter what their ethnicity, religious preference, and sexual
Posted by George Sudduth
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