Monday, February 16, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_announcements] inquiry parapsychology

Two other Susan¹s who have worked in this area would be Susan Hiller and
Susan Collins.

Is the name Susan significant (spooky wail of Theremin)? It¹s out there...



On 16/2/09 19:35, "roger malina" <> wrote:

> Dear Yasminers,
> I am researching the links between Art and Parapsychology and wondered
> if anyone can suggest artists who have worked in this field?
> I am aware of the work by Susan MacWilliam:
> &quot;Susan MacWilliam's practice involves the investigation of particular
> individual case histories and myths, particularly those relating to the
> paranormal, the supernatural and to perceptual phenomena. She
> incorporates the fields of psychical research, psychology and physiology
> into her artistic practice. Using video, photography and installation,
> her works explore ideas about the presentation and credibility of an
> image and question vision and perception, reality and illusion.
> MacWilliam has made work about materialisation mediums, table tilters,
> optograms, trance, dermo optical perception and x-ray vision. MacWilliam
> works extensively with archives and direct first hand contact with
> research bodies and figures significant to the narratives. The use of
> interview and documentary processes as portraiture is explored.
> MacWilliam produces unique works of art that provide a visual entry
> point into the history of parapsychology.&quot;

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