Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] synesthesia

Hi every one,

I am very interested in the idea of "inaudible octaves" produced by
colors/movements (Jorge Antunes).
(I like this idea to distort/corrupt... the rational/direct correspondance
between sound and color)

Most of the time, as a viewer, I suffer from the chosen music/composition put on
the 'animated shapes'.
I know people/artists put/stick music on image for diverse reasons : the fashion
of music-everywhere, the fear of silent/emptiness, the desire to orientate more
directly its meaning. but I don't think these points are major in my reaction.
I guess my unease/pain comes mainly from the 'bad' sensitive correspondance
between them.

I guess that is why I decided a few years ago not to have any 'music' on my
images. not to break the inner/intern sound of the image or their 'subjective'
sound. to let it grow.
(which makes it really harder to be selected in festivals !!)

Is there some texts on sujective sound, which wouldn't be audible/expressed ?

"minority of people experience the condition"
"we all have some kind of synesthetic sense." (Ernest Edmonds)
Can't we learn to feel the "synesthetic sense" better ?

How to orientate the sound-image relation not in a too 'dictatorial' way ?

(sorry for my bad english)

AS Le Meur
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