Monday, February 16, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] inquiry parapsychology

Dear Yasminers,
I am researching the links between Art and Parapsychology and wondered
if anyone can suggest artists who have worked in this field?

I am aware of the work by Susan MacWilliam:

"Susan MacWilliam's practice involves the investigation of particular
individual case histories and myths, particularly those relating to the
paranormal, the supernatural and to perceptual phenomena. She
incorporates the fields of psychical research, psychology and physiology
into her artistic practice. Using video, photography and installation,
her works explore ideas about the presentation and credibility of an
image and question vision and perception, reality and illusion.
MacWilliam has made work about materialisation mediums, table tilters,
optograms, trance, dermo optical perception and x-ray vision. MacWilliam
works extensively with archives and direct first hand contact with
research bodies and figures significant to the narratives. The use of
interview and documentary processes as portraiture is explored.
MacWilliam produces unique works of art that provide a visual entry
point into the history of parapsychology."

Richard Brown

Richard Brown

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