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[Yasmin_announcements] Enactive Cinema: Simulatorium Eisensteinense

PIA TIKKA, ENACTIVE CINEMA: SIMULATORIUM EISENSTEINENSE has been published by the University of Art and Design Helsinki Publication series. ISBN: 978-951-558-272-0, 338 pages, 2008. 
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Enactive Cinema: Simulatorium Eisensteinense explores the
psycho-physiological grounds from which the experience of interactive
cinema emerges. It follows the traces left by Sergei M. Eisenstein, the
Russian cinema author and researcher of the pre-digital age, whose
prophetic visions on organic-dynamic thinking carry implications for new
kinds of interactive cinema even today. The method of parachronic reading
extrapolates Eisenstein's thinking, embedded in his contemporary
scientifically-oriented era, all the way to the fundamental discoveries of
the 21st century neurosciences. It is claimed that among them, in
particular, the finding of mirror neuron networks, i.e., built-in
sensorimotor-based imitation systems, has consequences for cinema, enabling
a neurophysiological explanation for authoring cinema as a socio-emotional
simulation system of the other.

The novel concept of enactive cinema is introduced: an interactive
cinematic montage system in which the narrative flow follows the
unconscious psychophysiological enactment of the spectator, as a dynamical
abstraction of the mirroring system. The enactive cinema project Obsession
(2005) demonstrates such a system in practice. As a finding, Enactive
Cinema implies reconsidering the role of the author. With the notion of
second-order authorship, the focus is shifted from the conventional idea of
explicit linear control over the cinematic narrative to designing the
cinematic artifact as a complex dynamical system with emergent behavior.


Pia Tikka has her background in film, cinematography and graphic design.
She has directed the long feature films "Daughters of Yemanjá"
(Brazil-Finland 1996) and "Sand Bride" (Finland 1998), and worked in a
range of other feature film productions. Tikka's enactive cinema
project "Obsession" (2005) has been awarded with Möbius Prix Nordic prize
of interactive storytelling and has been exhibited in the Museum of
Contemporary Art Kiasma (Helsinki), ISEA 2006 & Zero One (San Jose, CA) and
Ars Nova (Turku 2007).  At present, Tikka is focusing on the
psychophysiological and emotional basis of cinema. She is affiliated as
associate researcher with the Brain Research Unit, Low Temperature
Laboratory at the Helsinki University of Technology.

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