Sunday, February 15, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] synesthesia

The influence of synesthesia on the arts goes beyond direct
application of the science. The facts that only a minority of people
experience the condition and that there is significant inter-person
variability of the mappings, that are the prime manifestation, have
not deterred artists from the influence. In many cases, I suggest
that the influence is partly inspirational and partly in an
expectation that at some deeper level we all have some kind of
synesthetic sense.

My own approach has been to work from the inside out, as it were.
This is by making works that have an internal structure where
elements of that structure are mapped to different media (sound and
image) so that at the very least they are united in the structures.
This work does not present direct one-to-one mappings simultaneously
all of the time but rather a total landscape of sound and image is
built on the concepts that come from synesthesia. Examples are the
Edmonds and Fell pieces at
Also see, for example: Edmonds, E.A. and Pauletto, S. "Audiovisual
Discourse in Digital Art". SIGGRAPH 2004 Electronic Art and Animation
Catalogue, ACM Press, New York (2004)

I hope that this point can help the discussion

Ernest Edmonds

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