Friday, February 27, 2009


Dear Yasmin subscribers,

There have been some problems lately concerning posts being rejected for
reasons related to "content type". We apologise for these problems. We are
currently looking into the matter. We would like to remind you that
attachments are not allowed (messages containing attachments are
automatically rejected). Also, you need to stick to text-only messages
(please avoid HTML formatting, images, etc., as Yasmin is a strictly
text-only mailing list).

Please take the time to report any problem related to content type by
contacting us at While we encourage and appreciate
all reports, please remember that your report will be more helpful if it
contains as much information about the problem as possible. Thus, please do
not forget to include the following information in your report:

- The EXACT content of your message, i.e. the entire text and any other
element, such as images, emoticons, html formatting etc. (in addition to
your e-mail reporting the problem, you could also forward the rejected post
to us).

- How many times have you attempted to post the rejected message

- How often this problem occurs when you try to post. Does it happen to
every message, or do some of your posts get through while others get

- To which list were you trying to post? Does this problem occur when you
try to post on either list (Yasmin_announcements and Yasmin_discussions) or
only one of them?

- Any other information you consider important

We appreciate your feedback and we apologise for the inconvenience caused
due to this issue.

Kind regards
The Yasmin admin team
Yasmin_announcements mailing list

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