Friday, February 27, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: Art, Archaeotechnology and performance re synaesthesia

Dear Yasmin announcements; i wonder if you would consider posting this
vis a vis the synesthesia discussions, this may be relevant because the
Hampi stone musical pillars that Iam elucidating at this event may represent
in their own way a traditional example of the coming together of the visual
arts and music in something that may have ramifications for the synaesthesia

> Les Pierres Chantantes : le Mystère Indien ... 1/03/2009
> Dr Sharada Srinivasan, archaeotechnologist and exponent of
> the classical south Indian dance form of Bharata Natyam with
> the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
> presents the event 'Le Pierres Chantantes' (the
> stones sing) at Haber Poche, France (near Geneva) on 1st
> March, 6 pm 2009 organised by Le Passeur d'Arts. She
> will first briefly elucidate through an illustrated talk on
> the scientific and artistic aspects of the mysterious stone
> pillars at the Vithala Temple complex, Hampi, which when
> struck give off resonant tones and are therefore now called
> musical pillars and which are accompanied by sculptures of
> musicians with musical instruments corresponding to these
> sounds. Then she will perform a classical Bharata Natyam
> piece inspired by this theme. Thereafter she will perform a
> newly choreographed piece accompanied live by French
> composer and percussionist Sebastien Sauvage on a lithophone
> designed by himself.
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