Friday, February 27, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] list of art and technology programs

Dear friends from Yasmin List,

I'm Jon Astorquiza, from the organizacion from Technarte 2009, the
International conference on Art and Technology to be held in Bilbao on 23
and 24 April 2009.

Technarte is an international conference to talk about the symbiosis between
art and technology, which covers a wide range of disciplines like nanoart,
nanotechnology, virtual reality, artificial life, architecture or augmented
immersive virtual environments in three dimensions, Art & Robotic, Net Art,
etc. in witch the speakers will show the real applicability of the fusion
between art and these disciplines.

The goal of Technarte is to show how technology opens infinite possibilities
to artists, and the companies use the technological creativity of the
authors as inspiration for new projects.

During two days, the artists, experts of Technological Researh Centers and
Universities and Art world professionals (researchers and developers from
Art centers, professionals of galleries and museums, universities, Public
Administration, etc.) will meet at the Euskalduna Palace of Bilbao, Spain,
to share their vision about the artistic and technological universe.

The preliminary programme for the IV edition of Technarte is now available
in the Web in You can also follow the last
information about Technarte in the recently created blog from the

In this IV edition and among the 16 presentations we will talk about the
experiences in nanotechnology and nanoart with Alessandro Scali, Robin Goode
and Chris Robinson. Fernanda d' Agostino will show us her experience in Art
an Science, the portugese artist and European Year of Creativity and
Innovation embassor Leonel Moura will talk us about Art and Robotic. The
german designer Ludwing Zeller will present his project and experiences with
the CubeBrowse and the profesor from the Kun Shan University from Taiwan
Alfred Chen who will talk about the virtual conservation of the UNESCO world

In addition to the Conference, the american architect and artist Cameron
McNall will give a magistral lecture about "Art and Technologies in public
places" the day before Technarte, and will install an especific designed
installation for Bilbao during one month and coinciding the celebration of

Via Web or via email at the attendies can make the
registration to attend the conferences. If you make the registration before
March 24th you'll get 20 % discount.

We believe in Technarte to be a great and important event in this European
Year of Creativity and Innovation.

You can also join to Technarte group in Linkedin at:

Contact to us and if you need more details about Technarte.

Enjoy Technarte 2009 !!

Best regards,
Jon Astorquiza