Monday, February 16, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] sounds_and_colors

Dear Yasminers:

Thank you for the opportunity to read so many interesting texts about
synesthesy and synesthesic art.
As Sergio Basbaum has mentioned in a message last week, Thesaurus Editions,
from Brasilia, published in 1982 my book titled "A correspondência entre os
sons e as cores" [The correspondence between sounds and colors}.
The subtitle of this book is "Theoretical Basis for a Chromophonic Music".
The edition of 2000 copies was out-of-print in only two months. More than
80% of the purchasers were people interested in "mysticism" and
"chromoterapy" !!!!!!
The book was published in 1982, but it was writen 20 years before, 1962,
when I was 20 years old. In 1962, as a student, I submited the text to the
prize "Jovens Cientistas" [Young Scientists], organized by the Science
Ministry of Brazil. Two of the members of the jury, Mr. Jacques Danon and
Mr. José Leite Lopes, that were my teachers, told me, after, that I didn't
get the prize because at the end of my paper I included an addendum with *
mystical* suggestions and comments.
The correspondence between sounds and colors, in my theory, is based in
relations between the frequencies of the sounds and the frequencies of the
colors. The frequencies of the colors are treated as if they were "inaudible
octaves" of the frequencies of the sounds.
After these studies I started to do what I called "Chromophonic Music". I
composed also many works of multidisciplinary art, and "Integral Art" using
the six senses.
One example of "chromophonic music" is my Violet Elegy for Monseigneur
Romero", for children-choir and orchestra, that you can hear at:
All the composition is based on the note E and its harmonics, because the E
is violet.

I'm telling this report, only to hand on my opinion about synesthesic art: I
think that is very important to avoid the REDUNDANCY.
As an example, I think it's not interesting to project a blue-light during
the hearing of a D (604 Hz). I'm sure that the D is blue. So, it would be
redundant the simultaneous use of the sound D and the color blue.
For this reason, I've allways used counterpoint criterium when mixing sounds
and lights.

Best regards to all,

Jorge Antunes
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