Saturday, February 28, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Announcing Synaesthesia, Art, Science & Technology Discussion Group on the Leonardo Education Forum (LEF)

Announcing Synaesthesia, Art, Science & Technology Discussion Group on the Leonardo Education Forum (LEF)

Following the Synaesthesia Discussion on YASMIN Discussions List,
during the month of February 2009, we wish to inform you that this
discussion will continue on the Leonardo Education Forum on the topic
of Synaesthesia, Art, Science & Technology.

To join the discussion, please register at:

This Discussion Group invites comments on
Synaesthesia, Art / Science topics as well as announcements on art
projects, research and relevant events.

The LEF Synaesthesia Discussion Group is part of the Leonardo
Synesthesia and Intersenses Special Project launched in 1999 by Jack Ox
and Jacques Mandelbrojt (
and is currently moderated by Veroniki Korakidou, PhD Candidate -
Research Associate at the University of Athens NT Lab, Communication
and Media Department.

Current members of the Leonardo Working Group on
Synaesthesia, Art, Science & Technology include : Roger Malina, Amy
Ione (painter, writer), Paul Hertz (artist, independent curator), Cindy
Keefer (Director of the Center for Visual Music in Los Angeles).

Members are invited to join.

We are interested in contributions to
this Discussion Group, including comments on relevant topics, announcements on upcoming events, links to art / science projects or
articles, as well as current research or bibliography updates.

We also
welcome news and updates on existing Networks and activities related
to Synaesthesia, Art & Science.

This Group has been created
following the Syn(a)esthesia Discussion on YASMIN in February 2008,
moderated by Carol Steen, co-founder of ASA (American Synesthesia
Association) and the Synaesthesia Discussion on YASMIN Discussions List
during the month of February 2009 (

especially wish to thank the YASMIN Synaesthesia Discussion 2009
respondents : Cretien van Campen (moderator of the Synesthetics
Netherlands website and author of the "Leonardo Book Series" book "The
Hidden Sense"); Hervé-Pierre Lambert (member of Institut Nicod,
ENS/EHESS, Paris); Jack Ox (co-editor with Jacques Mandelbroijt,
"Synesthesia and Intersenses"1999-2001); Dr. Jamie Ward (Associate
Professor at the University of Sussex, UK); Elizabeth Seckel
(University of California, San Diego, research assistant at the Center
for Brain and Cognition at UCSD), as well as the YASMIN Syn(a)esthesia
Discussion 2008 respondents : Greta Berman (art historian at the
Julliard School) and Avishai Henik (faculty of Humanities and Social
Sciences, University of the Negev Be'er-Sheva) for their contributions
and, of course, all the YASMIN Members who contributed to these two


Leonardo Education Forum invites all educators and students to join the Forum and participate in the various discussion groups.

The Leonardo Education Forum (LEF) is a working group of
Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and
Technology (Leonardo/ISAST). The Leonardo Education Forum promotes the
advancement of artistic research and academic scholarship at the
intersections of art, science, and technology. Serving practitioners,
scholars, and students who are members of the Leonardo community, LEF
provides a forum for collaboration and exchange with other scholarly

For futher information on Leonardo Network:

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