Thursday, February 26, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Synaesthesia discussion finishing statements

Dear YASMIN Synaesthesia Discussion Group,

Thank you for your interesting feedback and comments on the Discussion topic of "Synaesthesia" during this last month. These following days are going to be the last remaining days of our "Synaesthesia" discussion, so we may now start sumarrizing the results and post our finishing statements to the YASMIN Discussion list.

I have learnt quite a lot form your contributions during this last month and in order to summarize some of the very interesting issues and topics that were raised during this last month that we have all been following this discussion, I feel that I am in the need to priorize some of the issues.

First of all, there is a general misconception of synaesthesia, the neurological condition associated with the blending of the senses and visual music, an individual art form that goes far back in art history and is associated with painters and experimental filmakers of the beginning of the 20th century.

A lot of contreversial theories and debates also on mystical and alchemical misconceptions of art and synaesthesia, including theosophism and mediatation practices.

Second, there is a vague categorization between multimedia art and intermedia art with synaesthesia. Most of our experts have argued, that not all multimedia art is synaesthesia, however, some aesthetic elements are recognizable in that sense.

In a strict defintition of the sense, however, synaesthesia art is a term more suitable to art that is being created by synaesthetes. However, a lot of interesting research on art and cognition can be based in these individual artworks for non-synaesthete artists and of course, a lot is to be learnt by these examples on creativity in arts education.

Personally, as Andrew Hill has also pointed out and Liz has commented from her research experience, I am very interested in the research of Dr. Ramachandran and Hubbard regarding language formation and synaesthesia, including certain aspects of creativity to be found in the general population and of course, metaphor. For the past few years of my Ph.D.research, I have been investigating ways to connect these metaphors and establish an aesthetic communication theory applied to hybrid art forms as they have evolved from experimental film to interactive new media.

As I have suggested in some of my previous wirtings there may be a sort of "cross media abstraction" pattern to be recognized in the aesthetic "language" of certain interactive hybrid media art forms that simulate synaesthetic perceptions following the evolution of technology that relates to synaesthesia - maybe in a structural analogy to the "cross modal abstraction" pattern as observed by Dr. Ramachandran and Hubbard while examining synaesthetes in the formation of language in the human brain.

In this theoretical model initial hypothesis I had also taken under consideration the writings of R. Solso on the evolutionary potential of synaesthesia genes and its contribution to the ability of language formation in the human species. One can read more on this theory in his last book: "The psychology of art and the evolution of the conscious brain (2003)". 

We are also interested now in finding ways for continung this discussion further and therefore we are currently preparing the Synaesthesia Discussion Group on the new LEF website, some of you have already used the previous website and have been posting there some interesting comments and announcements on upcoming events, including links to articles or research and bibliography updates.

More information on how to the LEF Discussion Group and the appropriate link will be announced soon.

Any other suggestions and feedback coming from you on how we could keep this discussion open and going from the end of this month and onwards are also more than welcome.

See you on-line very soon :-)



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