Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Upcoming ARTISTS AS INVENTORS discussion on YASMIN in March

Sylvie Lacerte will also be an invited discussant for for our new
YASMIN discussion
beginning in March

Sylvie Lacerte is an independent curator, scholar and author. She
holds a Ph.D. in Art Theories and Practices from Université du Québec
à Montréal (UQAM). Her publications include her book La médiation de
l'art contemporain (2007), the essay «9 Evenings and Experiments in
Art and Technology: A Gap to fill in Art History's recent Chronicles»
contained in the anthology Artists as Inventors/Inventors as Artists
(2008) edited by Dieter Daniels and Barbara U. Schmidt, and most
recently an article, in the winter 2009 issue of artpress 2, on the
«Issues in the Development of Teaching Curricula for the Documentation
and Conservation of Media Art». She has been teaching, since the
winter of 2007, the seminar on the Documentation and Conservation of
Media Art, both at McGill University (2008) and at UQAM (2007, 2009).
She was coordinator of the DOCAM Research Alliance (2005-2007) at the
Daniel Langlois Foundation for art, science and technology and was
guest curator of the exhibition La médiation du conflit/Mediating
Conflict (2008) that included the works of Daniel García And́ujar,
Caroline Langill and Marie-Christiane Mathieu. Sylvie Lacerte has been
a speaker at numerous conferences, among others: REFRESH!! (Banff,
2005), INCCA – Seminar: Theory and Semantics of Installation Art
(Maastricht, 2006), 404 Object not Found (Seoul, 2007) and will be a
speaker, at the end of March, in Toronto at the 2009 Canadian Museum
Association's annual congress.


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