Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hi There !

This discussion is not in my field of expertise, so I will
just throw some questions and remarks :

- what is the difference between creation and creativity ?

- Bronac, you wrote
> For this discussion the terms of reference - the basic
legal position -
> is very important. I can point to some websites that
show the
> differences between copyright, patents, trademarks and
design rights -
> if this is helpful. see for

But you also mentionned that it was different in the US and
the UK. It is also different in France.... and probably
elsewhere ... The very notions of copyright and patents are
not exactly the same in different countries. What does it
mean regarding this idea of artists as inventors ?

> Another question which is relevant here: Isn't art already about making
> something new?

Well ... no ....
Art as making something new is a recent vision.
Many, many, many artworks have nothing to do with "neweness"
... and a lot with the mastering of doing something within
a genre or a style or an aesthetics.


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