Saturday, March 7, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] ARTISTS AS INVENTORS ON YASMIN --- Invention in Art vs Invention in Science

Many scientists working in the field of Artificial Life acknowledge
the work of pioneering artists like Edward Ihnatowicz in the 1960's
and '70's as a major root of their discipline (which didn't emerge
until the mid-80's when it was named by Chris Langton).

It's one of the few examples I know about where an artistic movement
(convergence of systems and conceptual art with the computer) has led
directly to a new scientific discipline. Another, of course, is

(I think I have posted this in the past to an early discussion on
YASMIN? But think it is relevant to this strand).

For more about Ihnatowicz see: There are also
a couple of chapters about him in our new Leonardo book - White Heat
Cold Logic:
Also a chapter by me on the role of the Slade School of Art,
University College London, in the convergence (as above) and emergence
of computational + generative and A-life art in the 1970s.


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