Wednesday, March 11, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] composers as inventors

Dears Yasminers:

Pierre Schaeffer was mistaken, when he induced to a wrong interpretation for
the expression "Experimental Music".
People started to think that Experimental Music was a kind of music in
experiment, as if the author was not sure about the musicality of his music.
As if the composer was experimenting with the audience, to check if his work
was "music", or not.

Experimental Music is music that uses the scientific Experimental Method.
So, we could speak in to kinds of music: Experimental Music and Theoretical
In Physics we do that: we have Experimental Physics and Theoretical Physics.

In the experimental method we provoke the phenomenom and, after that, we go
to the observation stage of the phenomenom. During and after the observation
we verify, we find out, if the phenomenom is a True.

In Physics, with this method, we arrive to a scientific true.
In Music, with this method, we arrive to an esthetic true.

Of course, in both cases, we will have a good percentage of relativity, on
account of the Heisenberg Principle.
In Music, the Heisenberg uncertainness principle carry us to the aleatory

So, the composer that composes Experimental Music, is an inventor.
His music is an invention that was previously cheked out. The experimental
method permits to certify that the inventtion works. The music, here, is a
device that works. The music, here, is a gadget that operates very well.
This kind of inventions can be patented.
In SACEM, in GEMA, in SOCAN, in AEPI, in SGAE, etc.

Jorge Antunes
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