Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] collective genius

Yes, I think that, since the 1960's, there has been a vague, cultural
meme to the effect that
massively-parallel human consciousness will lead to some kind of
collective rapture.
I shared youthful illusions of that sort of scenario.
Since the 1980s, however, I tend to be more cynical.
First I have to circumvent the YASMIN list's tendency to delete binary
image attachments from e-mail.

Does this work? The link is supposed to show a bell-curve graph of
emergent, collective IQ versus individual IQ.
I think that generally, one sees diminishing marginal returns.

In the old days, there was Sovreignty of the Individual.
Postmodernism says, among other things, that it is no longer possible
that the Individual can be a generalist.
I say that this opinion is hogwash since the advent of the Internet.
That is the Noosphere.
I am jacked-in to the Noosphere.
Call that a collective, if you want, but I am operating as a a free
agent within that 'collective'.

What I see is that funding an art collective only ensures that the
funding organization will never be embarrassed by the actions of an
individual artist. My opinion is that what you get is Art by Committee.

The exception occurs only in very unique circumstances, in very special
groups, where there exists a particularly potent kind of creative
intimacy between the collaborators.

"First we fell in love." Is how Brenda Laurel described her group who
developed "Placeholder" at the Banff Art & Virtual Environments
Programme in 1994.

A true, individual 'genius' is fundamentally embarrassing until he is
dead. At that time, his work is edited and sanitized. The view you
get in retrospect is never an accurate picture of the individual as he
was when he was alive.

Everybody who ever employed Bucky Fuller thought that he was an
asshole. And he was.
During his lifetime, Leonardo Da Vinci thought that he was a Military
Read Cliff Pickover's "Strange Brains and Genius". Genius comes with
things like Tourette's Syndrome.
People with Tourette's are profoundly annoying. Believe me. It goes
way beyond <*"BITCH-FUCK!"*>
copralalia. (Sorry, that was the Tourette's talking.)

ramon guardans wrote:
> greetings yasminers
> first i think "genius" is a kind of funny self defeating term, you need propagation for a genious and thus its a social construct and not an individual.
> one example i would like to explore is Margaret Hamilton who directed the team that developped the software in the saturn5 and apollo linking, for the first time in civilian evirionments, the pyrotechnics developed by the nazi engineers, with the gyroscopes, telecoms and astronomical calulations of trajectory and speed.
> her work was so good that the whole softwre did not have one significant bug or glitch in 15 flights and somehow nobody has ever herd about her.
> also it was arround the saturn5 team (a collective geniuas run by one discrete woman) that people learned about flowcharts and programming computers to do things
> see
> and in particular
> p19 for the role of margaret hmilton
> and also this rahter creepy
> so we have here a process (the intorduction of computers into civil society and the use of large scale complex planning tools) that happend arround the saturn5 apollo programe at nasa, this did play a hughe role in shaping our ways today, smart and effective, new and productive work of a genius..
> but she was not available for interviews
> be well
> r
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