Friday, August 7, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Pure:dyne Code Sprint- Goto10 @ LABoral Centro de Arte y Creacion Industrial

Pure:dyne Code Sprint- Goto10 @ LABoral Centro de Arte y Creacion Industrial
9th to 15th of August 2009

The artist collective GOTO10 gathers at LABoral this summer for an
intense week of coding in support of the ongoing Pure:dyne project,
which is underway at this very moment.

Pure:dyne is a GNU/Linux operating system developed by and for artists
that offers a complete set of tools for processing audio and video in
real time, making it an ideal work platform. Developed by GOTO10
alongside a community of users, Pure:dyne includes the tools most
frequently employed by digital artists, all in a coherently integrated
format: Pure Data, Supercollider, Icecast, Csound, Fluxus, Processing,
Arduino, amongst others. Used by artists, medialabs and universities,
Pure:dyne is a powerfult instrument and a network structured for
artistic production through the use of FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source
*The LABoral 'code sprint' is one of a series initiated by GOTO10 to
gather members from across Europe for seven days to work on new features
and system developments. Sharing a common living and working space, away
from distractions, this intense working method is popular in FLOSS
projects to inject a lasting energy into volunteer developers who
otherwise collaborate online.

The discoveries and advances made by the Pure:dyne team are to be made
available and become a permanent part of the Platform 2 Multimedia
Production Centre of LABoral.
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